Will Reedy

William Reedy is a highly accomplished nylon-string guitarist that writes inspirational pieces for the commercial audience. His unique, firey rhythms and haunting melodies displayed by his extraordinary finger-style playing results in an awe-inspiring effect with his listeners. This highly accomplished playing evolved in his studies with Andrés Segovia, Narcisso Yepes, Carlos Barbosa Lima, and David Tannebaum. The classical training allowed him to express his passionate style, but his consummate skill and artistry lies within the influences of powerful productions of contemporary music.

Subsequently, he combined his guitar style with his translucent vocals. This combination was an instant attraction for producers and record labels. Harmonic Tremmor Records provided an opportunity for William to concentrate his efforts in the studio to record his original music. As he completed his first album, Spectre of Paradise, his act became more sought after making him one of the more popular artists within the NACA college circuit. After a national tour, he returned to his native New York, and, thereafter, a chief CEO of an international company discovered William. Mr. Shelly, became so touched by William's music that he arranged an exclusive international tour with Club Mediterranean. For the next three years, William was to tour over twenty-five countries from Europe to Polynesia in some of the more exotic regions of the world. It was these romantic settings that educed his lyrical story telling and heart-felt compositions that both engage and inspire an international audience. Moreover, his diversity permitted him to open for a many national acts - Kenny Loggins, Kingston Trio, Delbar McClinton, and Jose Feliciano, to name a few.

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Will Reedy
World Rythm's
  • 1. Lightening Strikes
  • 2. Lahaina Town
  • 3. Collaboration
  • 4. Always a Lady
  • 5. Sacred Mountain
  • 6. Tu Erse Mi Amore
  • 7. Malaguena
  • 8. In Your Eyes
  • 9. Always and Forever
  • 10. Sevillana