Willow, one of the more notable Northwest Songwriter's, first began in Portland. It was here that she embellished and created her passionate sound and song- writing. By the mid-nineties, she had moved to Seattle where her style was embraced and elaborated on by bass & violinist Ken Stubblefield. The sound the two evoke is a mixture of provocative and haunting. This sound, truly unique and capturing, is getting the attention of notable NW publications, such as, The Seattle Weekly, Victory Review, and the Tacoma News Tribune and awing the crowds at industry clubs such as the O.K Hotel, Weathered Wall, Moe, Crocodile, Fenix Underground, Sit and Spin, and The Tractor. Her rise continues with being chosen as one of the finalists in the 1999 Lilith Fair Competition. This only serves to compliment the active support that Willow has created in her own Woman's Song-writing circle, Persephone's Circle established 1998. This woman's song-writing circle goes beyond the support for women songwriter's in the industry, it is actively pursuing positive change throughout the community. Whether you see her in Persephone's Circle or solo, her songs, highlighted on her solo acoustic CD- self titled "Willow," will take you into her experience. Willow's songs highlight her drive, expression, and availability. One cannot help to feel moved - she is damn likable. Don't miss this performer- she's got it!

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Self Titled
  • 1. Four Corners
  • 2. Blue
  • 3. Fall to Freedom
  • 4. Shade of Rain
  • 5. In Like a Lion
  • 6. Virginia City
  • 7. Still with Myself
  • 8. Sweet MaryAnne
  • 9. Green, Gold and Brown
  • 10. Bad Like I Should