Wale Akinyemi

Rev Wale Akinyemi, a university graduate of Demography and social statistics, sits at the head of the International ministry that is touching lives in 5 continents today.
A one time research assistant with the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies in Nigeria, Rev Wale today serves full time as a missionary, Bible teacher and musician.
He started the Glory Tabernacle Church (Now Vineyard Christian Fellowship) Nairobi on the 19th of March 1995. This pioneering commission by God gave birth to twenty six other churches in Kenya and also the establishing of Bible Schools which turned out over 2000 graduates in four years. As a musician he has written over three hundred songs many of which are sung in churches all over the world today.
He has produced and promoted some leading gospel music names in Africa and has worked with many churches at one time or the other, training their choirs and musicians.
He became famous in West Africa in the early nineties for his Mega concerts which attracted thousands especially with the mass choirs of up to 600 people.
Apart from being a pastor and a producer, he performs at concerts all over the world and he gives lectures on the history and origins of African music in schools and other educational forums.
He is married to singer Taiwo and they have two sons and a daughter. His music is a powerful blend of contemporary styles while retaining the strong African Flavor.

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Wale Akinyemi
  • 1. Mighty God You're So Good
  • 2. Magnify
  • 3. Let's Praise Him
  • 4. You're a Mighty God
  • 5. Hakuna Matata
  • 6. My Healer
  • 7. The Greatest Love
  • 8. I Stand In Awe Of Your Majesty
  • 9. Breakthrough
  • 10. We Are One
  • 11. This Nation Is The Lords