SUBMOTIVE WINS! This three-piece alternative punk band from the Kent-Covington area wins the February 16th Semi-finals at EMP.

They submitted their demo -- recorded at the Acoustic Chambers-- and beat out over 500 bands to play in the semi-finals. They will continue to the Finals against Aaron Richner and the Blues Drivers and the band Spit Licks on February 23, at 8pm So go on down to cheer them on!!!!!

What Submotive Wins at the finals In addition to performing in EMP’s Sky Church, bands will also have the chance to compete for prizes that include a professionally produced demo in a state–of–the–art recording studio, a live in–studio performance on KEXP’s Audioasis radio show, professional sound equipment, and an opening slot on a bill with a national touring artist in EMP’s Sky Church.

Submotive is comprised of Aaron Hiebert, Guitar, Vocals Josiah, Bass, Vocals Jason Edwards, Drums

How Much Longer?
  • 1. Plastic Smile
  • 2. She Said
  • 3. So Wrong
  • 4. Guilt Stricken
  • 5. Another Hangover
  • 6. Miles Away
  • 7. How Much Longer?