Roger Palmer

Roger Palmer is the composer of all of the music on Lifetimes. His compositions have been influenced by new age artists past and present and by the wonderful sounds of Eastern music. However, he wanted to take the music to a larger audience. He has done that by producing driving emotive themes throughout the CD which move the music beyond mere relaxation and contemplation allowing the listener to see and feel as well as hear what is transpiring in a given piece. Palmer has been influenced by spiritual teachers.

He owes a great deal for his growth in spiritual understanding to Depak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Robert Bly, John Bradshaw, George Parks and David Driver. Lifetimes is a result of a spiritual journey for which music was the only expression. The CD represents the struggle of the human spirit to find its place in this lifetime. The melodies and moods of this music are Palmer's vehicles to express life's changes and experiences, and help him move through the experiences with healing and joy. Roger is a native of the Pacific Northwest. He won two scholarships in Performance to the University of Puget Sound and went on to graduate school in Music Education at Pacific Lutheran University. He has a musically diverse performance background and is comfortable playing in all genres.

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Roger Palmer
  • 1. River Dreams
  • 2. Staying in the Fire
  • 3. Remembrances
  • 4. Before you walk away
  • 5. Awakening
  • 6. Ressurection
  • 7. Lifetimes
  • 8. Translation
  • 9. Meeting Tetra
  • 10. Closure