Marco de Carvahlo

Marco has been playing for the last twenty years. This is his first solo album. Since the age of thirteen, he fell in love, not only with the guitar, but also with music in general. He began listening to the rhythms and songs in the streets of Rio, where he grew up. At the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, he studied with Sergio Vale, and then he received a B.A. in guitar under Juarez Carvalho. In addition, he studied harmony and composition with Luiz Eca and Helio Delmiro.

His passion for composition and arranging dates as far back as 1980 with his first composition Pillow was written as his first song in the U. S. also displayed on this album, are interpretation of songs not written for the guitar -with such pieces as Appalachian Soul Camp Hans Teuber (Composer), and Overjoyed Stevie Wonder.

Each Tune is one picture, one landscape. Without lyrics, the imagination and emotions do not have direction.

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Marco de Carvahlo
  • 1. Corda Nova in E flat
  • 2. Paisagens : Landscapes
  • 3. Parati
  • 4. O Que Tinha de
  • 5. Dolphin
  • 6. Vou Vivendo
  • 7. Preludio
  • 8. Pillow
  • 9. Overjoyed
  • 10. Um Verdadeiro Amigo
  • 11. Voo : Flight
  • 12. Follow The Feeling
  • 13. Appalachian Soul Camp
  • 14. Segredos
  • 15. Presente
  • 16. Rosa