Klaus Lendzian

Klaus Lendzian's quiet commitment to his artistry and to the pureness of the creative process have linked his mind, heart and soul to the guitar, breathing life and feeling into the instrument and his remarkable musical compositions and arrangements. His understanding of different music styles, from the traditions of classical and flamenco guitar, to his sense of the rhythms and vivid colors of jazz, bossa nova and latin music, the emotion and honesty of folk, and his ability to take the best of the sounds of rock and country music, allows Klaus to move the solo classical guitar into worlds where it was previously excluded or forgotten without discarding the valuable tools of style and technique which tradition has lent to this instrument. Klaus has instead worked these tools until they are second nature to him and to his work. Using his knowledge and instincts for the language of music, he creates sounds so complete, so full of mood, movement and melody one is unaware of the effort, the technique, even of the artists as the music comes to life.

In 1975, Klaus left behind country, jazz and rock groups for a solo career. He began to experiment with mixing classical, jazz, flamenco and rock, traveling freely between once rigid musical boundaries. Klaus's creative vision and his conscious turn away from straight classical styling and contribute to the fresh sound of his work. In his music, one can hear the tradition and fullness created by the movements of his right hand as well as innovative melodies originating from his left. As Klaus brings his audience the familiar, as well as their unique, he draws people to his artistry whether he is performing in concert or in a background setting.

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Klaus Lendzian
Brighter Colors
  • 1. Child's Play
  • 2. Blossoms
  • 3. Crocus
  • 4. Light as a Feather
  • 5. The Bird Lady of Ballard
  • 6. Soliloquy
  • 7. Simplicity
  • 8. Windows
  • 9. Distant Feathered Clouds
  • 10. While You Wait for Me
  • 11. Reflection of a Lighthouse
  • 12. Market Spice
  • 13. Before The Midnight Rain
  • 14. Windows #2
  • 15. Woodside
  • 16. Soft Eyes
  • 17. Swallows Nest
  • 18. Brighter Colors