Joshua Williams is a local Independent Christian Artist whose music promises to convict and move the hearts of his listeners. With music founded on the beliefs and understandings of the cross of Jesus Christ, Joshua delivers a powerful message using the gifts God has given him. Full of deep, rich, lyrical poetry, Joshua's music brings a purity of sound that is able to touch those whose hearts are given over to God. Joshua's music carries on the traditions of contemporary Christian music, yet with a folk twist which captures his listeners with his unique musical sounds. Joshua currently resides in Enumclaw Washington where he performs as music director of Sound Doctrine Church. Joshua also plays and performs for youth camps, conventions, church services, and seminars. Born and raised in a Christian family, Joshua was taught from a young age the fundamental beliefs and practices of Christian living. Having learned the message and teachings of the cross, Joshua desires to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. As a pastors son and a strong believer in death to self, it is Joshua's desire to impart to others the same secrets and glories of the cross of Christ as clearly presented in the Bible. Through his music and testimony, it is his hope that others will embrace this same gospel and age-old understanding. It is his prayer that all who hear his music will join with him in the practice of entering the presence of God. May all glory be unto Jesus Christ..

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Roadside Photographs
  • 1. Brand New Day
  • 2. Roadside Photographs
  • 3. Heart of God
  • 4. Falling Seed
  • 5. God Help the Widows
  • 6. Living Prayer
  • 7. Memories
  • 8. This is Where
  • 9. I Wonder
  • 10. Do You have an Answer?