Hoppy Hopkins is a singer-songwriter with a 15-year history of performance. She started playing guitar at age 13. Her songwriting interests showed at an early age and are exemplified in her second and most recent recording, "Today." This CD features seven of Hopkins' original compositions as well as her ability to arrange all ten tracks.

Hopkins plays an exuberant style of folk obviously influenced by an early love of rock and roll icons including The Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

Hopkins states her greatest achievements to date are "playing for the Anchorage Alternative school program and warming up the stage in Washington D.C. for Eartha Kitt in 1993 as leader of "Sky is Blu." For five years in the mid-'90s, "Sky is Blu" was a popular band with a loyal and enthusiastic fan base in Anchorage, Alaska.

Hopkins adds, "Everything about performing calls to me, and my objective is to listen to that calling, and to my audience."

Goodwin Trent has been playing music professionally for about 30 years, distinguishing himself as a bassist, singer and songwriter in Alaska (Gross Weight, Dr. Schultz Band, McLeod, and Sky is Blu). For the last six years, he has contributed to the Puget Sound music Scene, playing bass and guitar for various bands and individuals (Sparkling Tonics, Civil Servants, Terry Lane, and others).

Based in Seattle, Hopkins plays at local pubs, coffee houses and private parties as well as regional folk festivals such as the Tumbleweed Folk Festival in Richland, WA and the Yakima Folk Festival.

  • 1. Today
  • 2. Crow
  • 3. If You Ask
  • 4. Time Will Show
  • 5. Wishing Well
  • 6. Right Thing
  • 7. God is in the Belly
  • 8. Something Funny
  • 9. Stay
  • 10 Sailing the Wambee